dj Mark Warren

saturday [early]
A Hawk and
a Hacksaw

Stars as Eyes
Andrew Hodson
Jazzfinger Sound System

saturday [late]
Pan Sonic
Chris Clark
Quinoline Yellow
Slow Sound System + N>E>D

Wolf Eyes
Alasdair Roberts

saturday 9 july [late]

Slow Sound System This collective of DJs, artists and producers combined in London in 2001 to explore and manipulate the world of relaxed audio. Beguiled by startling new forms borne of the simple pairing of laptops and acoustic instruments, the collective evangelically thrust their delicate discoveries at audiences through their irregular events at East London's the Foundry. They also co-host the Small Pieces show on Resonance FM and the annual Placard London Headphones Festival: 12 hours of headphone-only performances, last year featuring Leafcutter John, Janek Schaeffer, Paul Hood, Adem and many more. As artists themselves, the various members have had releases on the Grain Of Sound and Kabuki Kore microlabels.

And they also may feel the need to transmogrify from their intricate airing of clicks, collage, micro-tones and field sounds into their Unslow alter-ego of heavy bottom mash-up. Whichever pole they circle, you'll want to join them on the journey.

N>E>D As an official Warp Records DJ, Ned Beckett rides his hard drive around the world on the label's live packages. Having worked closely with Warp to co-ordinate its shows and tours, he also ran the NESH monthlies in London and was tour DJ across the US for 2 separate Warp packages in 2003. That year also saw him produce and film-curate the sell-out Warp Works & 20th Century Masters show at the Royal Festival Hall. He had the same role at last year's London Sinfonietta/Squarepusher/Jamie Liddell show and the recent equivalent with Plaid replacing 'Pusher. He now also runs the Little Big agency from Brighton, representing a whole raft of premium circuit benders, so it's bewildering how he still finds time to DJ at all.

But as The Wire recently reported: "The festival's highlight was N>E>D's laptop dj set - a frenetic barrage of Warp-driven Acid disco. Fuelled by Kalashnikov vodka, the hooded DJ concluded his show with a preposterous display of wildstyle rave dancing." Look out.